We Lose Around 30,000 Skin Cells A Minute!

Skin Vit A+ Targeted Skin Supplement with Vitamin D
Skin Vit A+ Targeted Skin Supplement with Vitamin D

That sounds pretty scary, but there are ways that we can help our skin to replenish, and strengthen it’s defences. There is now definate evidence to show that good skincare should include targeted supplements for skin health and appearance.

These supplements are a combination of vitamins and minerals, in high enough doses to be taken up and used at a cellular level, resulting in healthy, strong skin that is more resistant to damage and external factors like sun, pollution and environmental influences.

One such vitamin that has come to the attention of skincare experts is vitamin D.  As with most vitamins, D works best in synergy with other vitamins, such as vitamin A.

Vitamin D benefits the skin in 3 ways; the first is it’s ability to help skin rejuvenate itself. We lose around 30,000 cells every minute, and they are replaced by an ongoing renewal process in the keratinocytes which is dependent on vitamin D. If our skins are deficient, it means that skin cells won’t proliferate as well as they should, which can result in thin, sagging skin.

The second way that vitamin D benefits the skin is by boosting skin’s immunity. Within the skin, vitamin D and it’s receptors help to form a barrier which prevents foreign bodies entering the bloodstream. Research has even shows that it speeds up healing, and helps prevent wound infection by promoting antimicrobial agents.

Vitamin D is a powerful anti oxidant, so the third way that it benefits our skin is by fighting free radicals, which are believed to play a part in the premature ageing process.

To get the most out of vitamin D, we need to combine it with vitamin A. These powerful nutrients work in synergy to promote healthy skin and bones.


With the increase in use of sunscreens, and lack of sunlight in countries such as the UK, studies have shown that up to 85% of women don’t get enough vitamin D. Since vitamin D benefits the body in many other ways apart from healthy skin, it seems that adding this supplement to our daily regimes can bring benefits beyond a glowing and healthy skin.

We recommend Advanced Nutrition Supplements for our clients, particularly for those who are noticing thinning, ageing skin. The latest ANP supplement to offer the great benefits of vitamin D and A is Vitamin A +, which now contains vitamin D.

Supporting our skins from the inside as well as the outside is now proven to help us achieve healthier, more youthful skin.