What’s Been Happening?

Quite a lot, actually! Having been neglectful of our posting duties for months now, we can only offer the excuse that our clinics, and in particular the Westbourne Medispa Clinic, have been non-stop busy since January of this year, with both clinics growing very rapidly.

However, that’s not the only reason for our non-blogs – there’s also been some education and learning taking place! With the addition of the SNS Meso Pen, and becoming a SkinSynergy approved clinic, there’s been a shift upwards in our aesthetic medicine/beauty offerings.

The Meso Pen is very popular just now, and with it’s excellent results after just one application, we can’t really be surprised by the positive reaction from our clients to this ground-breaking anti-ageing and corrective skin treatment. The added bonus of the Medi Grade serums, containing goodies such as growth factors, bio-mimetic peptides, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which are applied during the Meso Pen treatment, takes this skin needling treatment to the next level of skin improvement and correction.

SNS Meso Pen
SNS Meso Pen


The advantage of Fusion Mesotherapy is that it’s a safe technique, as the mesotherapy solution is placed directly onto the target area, therefore minimising side effects. The target areas are directly reached with smaller amounts of medication being required to produce results, and the effects of the treatment are instantaneous.

Another advantage of this technique is that it can be successfully combined with other classic anti-ageing treatments such as toxins, fillers, laser and peels.

It works using an effective time-release delivery system that can stimulate collagen, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, repair connective tissue, reduce double chins and cellulite.


Sun Sense

Remember to be sensible about your sun exposure!

We need UV-B to make important natural vitamin D, but you should not expose your skin for too long. What most people don’t know is that vitamin D is sensitive to UV-A light, and is destroyed once it has been made active in the skin. So, if you want to stay healthy, you should not reamin in the sunlight for longer than 20 minutes!

Vitamin A is also destroyed by sunlight. Both vitamin A and D are in fact hormones, which work together to make healthy skin.

Vitamin A destruction is the key event in the damage that eventually leads to aged skin.

Vitamin A selectively prevents various chemical events induced by sunlight, including reducing the number of sunburn cells after irradiation, and in this way prevents photo-damage.

Retinyl palmitate exerts a photo-protection action by absorbing UV-B. It doesn’t replace sunscreen ingredients, but the advantage is that vitamin A doesn’t block the formation of vitamin D in the way that conventional sunscreens do.

If the skin is rich in antioxidants, which recycle each other back into activity, then vitamin A levels remain normal.

People who use retinyl palmitate every day not only rejuvenate their skin, but also increase their resistance to photo-damage.

Retriderm Vitamin A skin care provides superior delivery of Vitamin A in a well tolerated serum for superb skin rejuvenation and noticeable results after just one month of use.


Retriderm 0.5% +1% and Starter Pack

We highly recommend and use the Heliocare range of sunscreens in our clinics for complete protection whilst being kind to your skin. Packed with anti-oxidants and the added bonus of  the unique FERNBLOCK and BIOSHIELD systems, the Heliocare range offers superior protection and is a favourite amongst dermatologists and top surgeons worldwide.


Heliocare 360_Airgel & Fluid Cream Group Shot With Cartons

Anti Oxidants – The Hero Ingredients in Environ’s New SPF 25 RAD Sun Spray

There is no argument that SPF’s (Sun Protection Factors) help in reducing the damaging effects of sun exposure. Environ’s original RAD SPF 15 sunscreen, launched some 22 years ago, remains one of the world’s most effective sunscreen products. Environ’s founder, Dr Des Fernandes, identified the valuable role that anti oxidants have to play in fighting and preventing damage to skin cells from sun exposure and pollutants, and they have been included in the whole of the Environ skincare range since it first emerged.

Now, with the introduction of even more effective new sunscreen agents and changes to the SPF level requirements of the anti cancer associations, Environ has added an exciting new style sun protector to the range, with even better UVA protection.

The new RAD Spray SPF 25 meets demands for a lighter, more fluid formulation that spreads more easily over the skin whilst retaining all the benefits of the original RAD cream. The new formulation was created with SPF 25 in order to gain valuable certification from the Cancer Association of South Africa – CANSA.

This broad spectrum, medium protection sun lotion contains four different sunscreen elements which defend against UVA and UVB. Various antioxidants and vitamins also increase the level of protection.

The benefits of RAD SPF 25 Sun Spray:

*Provides a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 25

*Easily absorbed milky texture can be sprayed over the entire body leaving a silky after feel

*Contains various antioxidants, including vitamins C and E, rosemary leaf extract and colourless carotenoids derived from tomatoes, which have been scientifically proven to assist in protecting against free radicals and sun damage.

*Malt Secrets (barley seed extract) is rich in polyphenols and ferulic acid. This ingredient is proven to work in synergy with vitamins C and E and has excellent anti-ageing and antioxidant properties.

*Recognised by the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) as a broad spectrum sunscreen providing adequate UVA and UVB protection.

A note from Environ founder Dr Des Fernandes

A Spray Not A Spritz!

This is not a a sunscreen to spray on like an alcohol-based spray. No one can make an effective, safe sunscreen that is simply sprayed on the skin without being massaged into the skin.


I am fundamentally opposed to an alcohol-type spray because first of all it does not ensure uniform protection, and there is considerable pollution of the atmosphere from these sprays. Furthermore, they can be inhaled, and there are no studies to show the safety of inhalation of sunscreen agents.


Environ RAD SPF 25 is now available at Waters Edge Clinic. To celebrate the launch of this fantastic new SPF, there is a free beach bag given with every spray purchased whilst stocks last.




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